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At the castle of Javiac he met and fell in love with the beautiful lady Madame Guillelma de Javiac.

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He sang her his songs, recited his poetry, played chess with her, and little by little she in turn fell in love with him. Guillaume had a friend, Sir Pierre de Barjac, who traveled with him and who was also received at the castle. And Pierre too fell in love with a lady in Javiac, the gracious but temperamental Viernetta. One day Pierre and Viernetta had a violent quarrel.

The lady dismissed him, and Pierre sought out his friend Guillaume to help heal the breach and get him back in her good graces. Guillaume was about to leave the castle for a while, but on his return, several weeks later, he worked his magic, and Pierre and the lady were reconciled.

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Pierre felt that his love had increased tenfold — that there was no stronger love, in fact, than the love that follows reconciliation. The stronger and longer the disagreement, he told Guillaume, the sweeter the feeling that comes with peace and rapprochement. As a troubadour, Sir Guillaume prided himself on experiencing all the joys and sorrows of love. He therefore feigned great anger with Lady Guillelma, stopped sending her love letters, and abruptly left the castle and stayed away, even during the festivals and hunts.

This drove the young lady wild. Guillelma the lady sent messengers to Guillaume to find out what had happened, but he turned the messengers away.

He thought all this would make her angry, forcing him to plead for reconciliation as Pierre had. Instead, however, his absence had the opposite effect: It made Guillelma love him all the more. Now the lady pursued her knight, sending messengers and love notes of her own. This was almost unheard of — a lady never pursued her troubadour.

And Guillaume did not like it. Not only was he no longer sure of his plan, he was no longer sure of his lady. Finally, after several months of not hearing from Guillaume, Guillelma gave up.

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  7. She sent him no more messengers, and he began to wonder — perhaps she was angry? Perhaps the plan had worked after all?

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    So much the better if she was. He would wait no more — it was time to reconcile. So he put on his best robe, decked the horse in its fanciest caparison, chose a magnificent helmet, and rode off to castle Javiac. On hearing that her beloved had returned, Guillelma rushed to see him, knelt before him, dropped her veil to kiss him, and begged forgiveness for whatever slight had caused his anger.

    Imagine his confusion and despair — his plan had failed abysmally. She was not angry, she had never been angry, she was only deeper in love, and he would never experience the joy of reconciliation after a quarrel. Seeing her now, and still desperate to taste that joy, he decided to try one more time: He drove her away with harsh words and threatening gestures. Make what you are offering the world rare and hard to find, and you instantly increase its value. There always comes a moment, when those in power overstay their welcome.

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    We have rown tired of them, lost respect for them; we see them as no different from the rest of mankind, which is to say that we see them as rather worse, since we compare their current status on our eyes with their former status. There is an art to knowing when to retire. If it is done right you regain the respect you had lost and retain a part of your power.

    Make yourself too available and the aura of power you have created for yourself will wear away. Turn the game around; make yourself less accessible and you increase the value of your presence.

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    SAPS Semites?? Many are cold If you are new to this series, please read the introduction. If you are already established in a group, temporary withdrawal from it will make you more talked about, and more admired.


    Anonymous More than 1 year ago The characters, plot and setting are completely original. The pace of the story never gets bogged down with unnecessary detail.

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    • ISBN 13: 9781934572047;
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    The ending is very satisfying. Sometimes we have to give up everything we have to get what we really need. Guest More than 1 year ago I found it difficult to put this book down.

    Law 16: Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor (48 Laws of Power)

    It is written in a way that keeps your interest and emotions flowing. Guest More than 1 year ago An interesting story of the north woods focusing on its Indian heritage. The story offers suspense, romance and a very real connection with the lake country of northern Minnesota.

    The author uses a technique reminiscent of James Michener by mixing historical fact with fiction.

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