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The adult version of that argument emerged earlier this month when Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren basically mocked personal conservation efforts. Warren told a climate town hall audience and later tweeted that the fossil fuel industry wants the public to discuss issues like plastic straws, lightbulbs, and cheeseburgers so they can continue to get away with producing most of the emissions blamed for climate change.

The funny thing about all of this is the free market is already doing these things based on the same capitalist incentives Greta and so many other activists are blaming for environmental disaster. For-profit entities like a company called Carbon Engineering are working on machines that literally suck carbon emissions out of the atmosphere. Each of these innovations has enjoyed some level of government support here and there, but raw capitalistic profit motives are the primary driver. Warren and those like her are failing to see that millions more Americans who use their consumer spending powers to reduce their carbon footprint will send corporate America chasing after those dollars in a much faster and more effective way than government fiat.

It's not just die-hard capitalists or environmental skeptics who are pushing back on this focus away from personal responsibility. In a remarkable interview on PBS last week , author Jonathan Safran Foer spoke out against Warren's comments and pointed out that those who say they believe in the dire effects of climate change would do more than protest if they really believed it.

Based on all the politically partisan slogans and signs we saw at the climate protests over the past few days, are we sure the top motivation is the environment and not politics?

See a Problem?

The shift from the "Think Globally, Act Locally," environmental philosophy of the s and s makes that question fair game. When we move from encouraging people to change their personal practices to something like Warren's mocking of that very idea, it guts the very soul of any movement for effective change. Previous generations of environmental activists knew this. By focusing on what people could do in their own personal lives to cut down on pollution, they presided over an environmental movement that used to be much more bipartisan in America.

This new focus on making environmentalism an angrier protest movement threatens to make the effort to protect the planet just another wedge issue that politicians often use to motivate their base of voters. Similar wedge issues like abortion and gun control have long shifted become tribal controversies with little chance of progress and compromise. Greta Thunberg is angry. Lots of people are angry. But anger without doing something other than protesting and making speeches won't protect the environment or do much else other than produce more anger.

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Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. In fact, the first task of a physical mission to another planet has often been to build a pyramid, with one pair of sides orientated exactly East-West. Why so? Without a pyramid they would be stuck here on Earth for the rest of their lives! That they should be seen as tombs for dignitaries is a naive human notion that came very much later. While these details must be addressed, especially by our scientists, institutions, politicians and learned societies, this book which has five parts accounts much, much more.

Part I explains past lives, reincarnation, spirit rescues, essential spiritual facts, and then we rejoice in the return to the meetings following a lengthy break, of our dear friend Bonniol who lives on Planet Aerah, many galaxies distant from here. The more recent visits of Bonniol to us through are also included here.

Part III differentiates true and false prophecy, the amazing power of thought, proofs of the spiritual existence, and some enlightening conversations with notaries and royalty now in spirit. Part IV concerns some conceptual matters and current Earthly problems, the beauty and meaning of mathematics within creation, the principle of non-violence and how the angels are ever present and may be called upon in times of need. Part V describes details of a scheme being mounted from spirit designed to assist our cosmic ascendancy.

This was a timely and such a heartfelt reunion, uniting past and present! Salumet Website: www. Childhood on a small Hampshire mixed farm of the s was my much valued and beautiful introduction to what was then a world more closely aligned to nature. Skylarks sang as swallows swooped, above meadows that were a floral tribute; while evenings closed with the song of the nightingale. But at the local grammar school, chemistry beckoned and then, following conscripted military service, I had a first job in the plant control laboratories of a big oil refinery.

This work had the added bonus of weekly day release and night school for further study at Birkenhead Technical College. This was to lead eventually to C Chem. CFL had chemistry and microscopy laboratories and an office for writing the many, many reports and occasional technical article. Our small team was kept very busy with problems of the day. It had become fashionable for firms to farm out their technical and chemical conundrums, so that workload was extremely varied.

In the summer of , in the company of my dear wife Ann and two sons Mark and Paul, I travelled to Palenque, Mexico. We settled into the regular weekly meetings a little ahead of the light-being Salumet, who joined us from Angelic Realms in , as guide and teacher. It seems to me now, on reflection, that just as the laboratory light microscope has revealed so much truth about nature, we now have a metaphoric spiritual light microscope that reveals all those more fundamental truths of the spiritual existence. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address. How do DNA and genetic modification relate to spiritual progress?

Is there a spirit connection? In past years, the ravages of warfare and the ensuing armistice deals have left their mark on this planet, resulting in the national boundaries and political blocs of today. It has been natural selection that has always prevailed.

Kellanved's Reach: Path to Ascendancy, Book 3 (A Novel of the Malazan Empire)

The United States has led the world in this venture while many of us are less enthusiastic or perhaps more circumspect, as the case may be. So biotechnology has arrived and has established its questioned presence. When the genetic modification of crops was first mentioned to Salumet, he described it as an unnecessary step for mankind but one that had already been taken.

It had therefore already become part of our evolution, whether we care to question or not. Later 13th October , he warned against being judgemental:. Therefore we should be wary of judging.

Why our relationship with technology is destroying the planet

We must of course always be true to ourselves and should offer opinion, but avoid being judgemental of another. We pointed out to our guide that in some places people were burning crops, grown experimentally by GM devotees. Salumet used a rather clever double-edged sentence in his reply:. Remember, whether they feel right or wrong, the time will come when they must face themselves as to whether their judgement was right or wrong.

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That is why people on Earth are disturbed and create disharmony. Therefore, what you must do is send them love. Surround them with love and in so doing, their thinking will change, and then you will have created that harmony upon this Earth that will ultimately bring a little more happiness.

So it is now too late to stop this venture, but all is not lost, and we can direct our good thoughts towards some useful application coming from it.

Where we Pursue and Promote our Passions

An aspect of this soul had once supplied grain to an Egyptian pharaoh. But there have been a number of his incarnations since, so this was now quite an advanced and knowledgeable soul who on this occasion spoke with us 1st June :. Our dear farmer friend from yesteryear was now actually involved in the GM crops issue! He went on:. The consumption of modified crops is not perhaps the best way, but also, the experiments being done with the crops are teaching those who are performing these acts quite a lesson, and this lesson will be of use in another way. There will be much good coming from these experiments, but like most things, it takes time on your planet.

So my purpose this time is to remind you that you should not ask for genetically modified crop experiments to stop, but merely to ask that what they do, leads them in the right direction. We then asked if GM food will damage the health of those who eat it:. That is my knowledge, but I am not from the highest level. But overall, for the planet, this is not the best way forward. These are wise words from one whom we know from his several visits, progresses well in spirit. Firstly, DNA is a chemical abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid, which is a molecule of lengthy spiral form.

The chromosomes within a cell nucleus are made up of DNA molecules and these contain the genetic codes that fix details of character in plants, animals and humans. In animals and humans, genetic code determines such things as colour of eyes and hair.

In plants, genetic code would relate to such properties as disease susceptibility and drought resistance. But with 24, genes per cell, the research becomes highly complex. Objects of gene manipulation that might be seen as useful are drought and disease resistance of crops. In searching for these objectives, there would of course be much learning along the way. It again took us by surprise when Salumet launched into a discourse on DNA at our meeting of 5th March He had earlier spoken of the raising of consciousness:.

This is little known at this time, but there are those upon your Earth who are gaining knowledge of this particular aspect of change. Rather similar to those of you who reincarnate with problems from past lives, so too does humankind come with DNAs which are stuck.

The Planet Earth: Astronomy and Space for Kids - FreeSchool

It is something for you to think about. Again it demonstrates the power of the mind. Do you see how thinking joins in all aspects of your lives and how powerful it is? It is that part of you which will always exist. So, I hope my dear friends it has given you a little more to consider. It just shows how much you have all grown.

Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1) Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1)
Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1) Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1)
Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1) Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1)
Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1) Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1)
Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1) Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1)
Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1) Ascendancy (Our Home Earth Book 1)

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