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Night's Watch

He also prepared two pillars, one of stone and one of brick and wrote these things upon them. For he had predicted universal ruin, which if it were to come by water, the stone pillar would survive, and the brick were it by fire; and the former even now continues to exist on the mountain of Siriad, as Josephus testifies. This same Seth devised the Hebrew letters. In the th year of Adam Seth was caught away by an angel and instructed in what concerned the future transgression of his sons that is to say, the Watchers, who were also called Sons of God , and concerning the Flood and the coming of the Saviour.

And on the fortieth day after he had disappeared, he returned and told the protoplasts all that he had been taught by the angel. He was comely and well-formed, both he and those that were born of him, who were called Watchers and Sons of God because of the shining of the face of Seth. And they dwelt on the higher land of Eden near to Paradise, living the life of angels, until the th year of the world. In the 1,th year from the creation of the world, when Jared had attained forty years of life and Seth , the Watchers, or the progeny of Seth, descended and were led into error, for they chose wives for themselves from among the daughters of Cain, and they begat the famous giants.

Because of the just Seth, these giants had great strength, and enormous bodies, and on account of this were monstrous and abominations, and thus had this name imposed upon them. In truth, on account of the wicked Cain, they dedicated themselves with strength, fortitude, and the strongest resolve to a life of murder, impiety, and wantonness.

Some call them snake-footed, for with their souls enraged in the manner of the poisonous beasts, they could think of nothing good. Or, according to some accounts, they bore the name snake-footed because certain of them made war on those dwelling in heaven, and with their hands and feet and coils crawled on high on their bellies in the manner of snakes, from which many of them were shot at and killed by those on high.

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God in heaven killed more than a few of them with balls of fire or thunderbolts: But when the rest of them remained unmoved by any sense of punishment, nor could they be induced to give up any part of their atrocious life, afterwards God removed them through the universal deluge. They swore on Mt. Hermon to take wives for themselves from the daughters of men, or the progeny of Cain.

And this mountain gained its name because there they bound themselves under mutual oath. They taught their wives witchcraft and incantations: First Azael, the tenth of their princes for there were of their princes who had come down , taught them to make swords and breastplates, and all the instruments of war, and then to dig up from the bowels of the earth gold, silver, and the other metals.


Similarly, each of the other princes taught them things: the embellishment of the body, precious stones and dyes, herbs and roots, wisdom, how counteract enchantments, astronomy and the motions of stars, astrology, the properties of the air, and the signs of the earth and the sun and the moon. Translated by M. And it was when the sons of men began to multiply upon the face of the earth, and fair daughters were born to them; and the sons of the great saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and painted, and curled, walking with revelation of the flesh, and with imaginations of wickedness; that they took them wives of all who pleased them.

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And the Lord said by His Word, All the generations of the wicked which are to arise shall not be purged after the order of the judgments of the generation of the deluge, which shall be destroyed and exterminated from the midst of the world. And, behold, their works are wicked. Behold, I will give them a prolongment of a hundred and twenty years, that they may work repentance, and not perish.

Schamchazai and Uzziel, who fell from heaven, were on the earth in those days; and also, after the sons of the Great had gone in with the daughters of men, they bare to them: and these are they who are called men who are of the world, men of names. And the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and all the imagery of the thought of his heart was only evil every day.

And the Lord said, I will abolish by My Word man, whom I have created upon the face of the earth, from man to cattle, to the reptile, and to the fowl of the heavens; because I have repented in My Word that I have made them. But Noah, who was righteous, found favour before the Lord.

Translated by J. Etheridge Cham [ He inscribed the seven liberal arts on fourteen pillars, seven bronze and seven brick, against the possibility of a flood, in order to provide usefulness to posterity. His books on mathematics Ninus, having gained victory, had burned. Liber Genesis 16 … God cast a deep sleep upon Adam, not regular sleep, but an ecstasy, in which he was supposed to have been in the midst of the heavenly court.

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From this state he awakened and prophesied the marriage of Christ and the Church, and he knew of the Flood to come, and in the same way of the Judgment through fire. And afterward he told his sons. According to Josephus, one was of marble, the other of brick, so that one would not be dissolved by the Flood, and the other would not be incinerated by the flames.

Angels Of The Fallen: Azazel: It’s Time, Live On The Dark Side (The Watchers Book 2)

Josephus says the marble one was yet in the land of Syria. And Moses says that the Flood was sent for this reason: When men began to multiply over the earth, the sons of God, that is, of the pious Seth, beheld the daughters of men, that is, of the race of Cain, and, conquered by lust, they took them for wives, and thence the giants were born.

The time when this occurred, whether under Noah, or long before him, or multiple times, or just a little before, has not been determined. Josephus, however, says that up to the seventh generation the sons of Seth persisted in righteousness, but afterward they inclined toward evil, departing from the rites of their fathers, and because of this provoked God himself against them.

In fact, many of the angels of God—that is, the sons of Seth—which is to say, those who were above the sons of God, had sexual intercourse with women and produced evil children, who, because of their overweening pride, were called giants by the Greeks.

Ancient Texts

Methodius says that the cause of the flood was men knowing sexual sin and spreading it forth. In the year five hundred of the first chiliad, that is, after the first chiliad, the sons of Cain abused the wives of their brother with excessive fornications. In the year six hundred, the women turned things around and overthrew the men who had abused them.

After the death of Adam, Seth separated his kindred from the kindred of Cain, who had returned to his native soil. Indeed, while he Adam was living their father had not prohibited such mixing together. Seth dwelt on a mountain near to paradise. Cain dwelt in the plains where he had slain his brother.

In the five hundredth year of the second chiliad, men burned for other sexual unions. In the seven hundredth year of the second chiliad, the sons of Seth lusted after the daughters of Cain, and from this were born the giants. And at the start of the third chiliad, the Flood inundated the earth. Thus ordains Methodius. It is even possible for demonic incubi to give rise to giants, whose name is derived from the magnitude of their bodies, so called from Geo , which is the earth. After the Flood, however, other giants were born in Hebron, and later they were in the city of Tham in Egypt, and were called the Titans, of whom was the lineage of the Enachin sic for Anakim , whose sons dwelt in Hebron, of whom was born Goliath, and certain others.

The Nephilim, Fallen Angels, Giants and the Watchers

Ninus conquered Ham, who was still living at this time, and reigned in Bractia [ al. Thracia; sic for Bactria], and they say that Zoroaster invented the magical arts, and inscribed the seven liberal arts on fourteen pillars, seven of bronze and seven of brick, against the aforementioned judgments of Adam. Verily, Ninus burned all of his books. By the same Ninus was thus instituted idolatry. In the days of Seth, his children remembered the blessed life of Paradise, and they dreamed of pleasing God through their purity; therefore, they ascended Mount Hermon, and lived there in the holy orders, forgoing marriage.

Seeing that they could not return to Paradise, they became discouraged and abandoned the angelic life. They surrendered themselves to the voluptuous flesh, and appointed among themselves a king called Semiazos. Annianus tells of them that they came down from Mount Hermon toward their brethren, the sons of Seth and Enos, who would not give them wives, because they had failed to keep their promise. So instead, they went to the children of Cain, took wives, and sired powerful giants who were plunderers, famous and renowned assassins, and also daring bandits.

The first king was Adam; Seth succeeded him. In their time, the concord and peace that reigned among men [was applied] to good works in the fear and love of God. They chose Semiazos for their king. The children of Seth who lived in the north, in the third climate, which is called the lower region, became their imitators and imitated them. They learned from the malice of the children of Cain and followed their example. They also put up among themselves a first king, Aloros, in imitation of Semiazus. He reigned for ten saris.

There were then two kingdoms. After Aloros the Chaldean, nine others reigned successively until the Deluge, all Chaldeans, whose number of years has been calculated by the Chaldeans and [expressed] according to the names of the epoch in sares , neres and sosses.

Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2) Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2)
Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2) Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2)
Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2) Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2)
Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2) Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2)
Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2) Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2)
Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2) Dark Sins (Night Watchers Book 2)

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