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Be like the seasons, happen, don't spend time worrying about death. Flag sy on September 25, General Comment In my estimation, this song is a narration directly from 'the grim reaper, ' coaxing a woman to ease into death. It seems that the singer is adopting 'Death's' personna as he is cajoling and comforting a woman about how easy dying can be when one's fear is allayed.

I'm not certain about whether this is an instance of a woman's mulling over suicide or if its a natural end, Came the last night of sadness, And it was clear she couldn't go on.

I believe it to be one of dispelling the trepidation surrounding our own deaths, as death is only part of the natural cycle of things, as plenty of people have already stated. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment All good things, or moments in life have either happened or passed us by, all chances and moments were here at one time, but they eventually go away, and never come back. Seasons change year in and year out, just like people change. Seasons experience death, leaves die, trees die, plants die, animals die, but they feel no fear for the fate that every change in the season holds.

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The same goes for the wind, sun, and rain. The Wind eventually stops blowing, the sun eventually stops shining, and the rain eventually stops falling. Once your own personal season, or wind, sun, or rain changes, or ends, you will not always be alone. You will be able to wait for that person to take your hand, and walk with you into whatever your life after death may bring. Everybody will eventually pass on, and leave loved ones behind, only to be reunited again in a better place. There is nothing to be afraid of, and when your partner joins you in the afterlife, you two can fly away, to whatever place you always dreamed of going.

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Ultimately, in the end, the love of your life will always be there with you, in life, death, spirit, and soul. Wouldn't it be great if life actually worked that way? Flag Gondring on August 29, Wouldn't it be great if the world didn't give birth to people like you? Flagged SaintHak on October 05, Well that was obnoxious of you SaintHak. I agree with Gondring Flagged Chard on October 20, SaintHak: wouldnt it be great if the world didnt It would be nice if it were all that simple.

Seasons are not capable of fear I know, it's poetry only humans fear death and that fear is there for a reason. We are all here for a reason.

But if you send your days listening to cool music you will never know the truth. The truth is out there.

(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Seek and ye shall find. Flag semore on June 13, My Interpretation To everyone that took Buck Dharma's words the wrong way. He chose his words carefully: "I was actually kind of appalled when I first realized that some people were seeing it as an advertisement for suicide or something. That was not my intention at all. I also completely believe him when he says DFTR is a love song.

It's about two people, in love, that make a suicide pact. They are telling the story. They never played the guitar solo in the middle! It was edited to skip over it, so I had never heard the solo until I listened to the song online. The single edited out the middle section. I never heard it until my friend played the album. A guitar solo is okay, but what this song really needs Local rock station here has played the song twice in the last 24 hours, skipping the solo both fucking times.

Don't Fear the Reaper

I always play the song in its entirety when it comes up on my radio show. I don't remember if the radio played it -- I had the album. They sold those in stores, you know. I was the same with Freebird. The solo is at the end, so I only ever heard the edit for time radio version. It was a very creative period for the entire band because there was this new modality of creation. I think the tunes that came out of that era are a lot more individually stamped in the way you can tell a Dharma tune from an Albert Bouchard tune or a Joe Bouchard tune or an Eric Bloom tune.

I like stories with twists. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

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Album Agents of Fortune. More on Genius. What have the artists said about the song? Drums Albert Bouchard.

Dont Fear the Reaper Dont Fear the Reaper
Dont Fear the Reaper Dont Fear the Reaper
Dont Fear the Reaper Dont Fear the Reaper
Dont Fear the Reaper Dont Fear the Reaper
Dont Fear the Reaper Dont Fear the Reaper
Dont Fear the Reaper Dont Fear the Reaper
Dont Fear the Reaper Dont Fear the Reaper
Dont Fear the Reaper Dont Fear the Reaper

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