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After Granny had grown-up, she was adamant on becoming a Witch; as she reveals in Lords and Ladies , magic didn't choose her, she chose it, " I never stood in front of no-one I camped on old Nanny Gripes' garden until she promised to tell me everything she knew. That took her a week and I had the afternoons free.

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No I chose Granny would go on to become a fully-fledged Witch, and at some point took responsibility for her own steading, the village of Bad Ass and the Kingdom of Lancre as a whole. Granny Weatherwax, as she would later come to be known, also nursed her ailing mother until the time of her death, what became of her father has never been mentioned. Whilst still a young woman, Granny was involved in a summer-long romance with then-aspiring Wizard, Mustrum Ridcully, but ultimately they were both committed to their respective paths of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Yet, by the standards of Mistress Eumenides Treason , she is still considered a girl Wintersmith. Granny Weatherwax passes away early in the events of The Shepherd's Crown , now in her 80's; where, after experiencing The Call, she tidies up her cottage, prepares her own wicker casket, and sets her last will and testament down in writing confirming instructions she had already confided to Nanny Ogg , before laying herself to rest in her own bed one last time.

When Death comes for her, he asks her if she was content with her life, with Granny confirming that she was satisfied to have lived the way she did and kept her part of the world safe, Death in turn assuring her that her candle will continue to flicker long after her passing and that she has left the world in a better condition than it was when she entered it. Her death is felt across the Disc; Nanny Ogg and Tiffany Aching arrive first to lay her to rest in the forest at a site pre-chosen by Granny herself, and Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully visits briefly to pay his last respects.

Over the course of the events of The Shepherd's Crown , Tiffany Aching, who Granny has named her successor, over-stretches herself trying to oversee two steadings and live-up to Granny's reputation as the new 'Witch of Witches', but eventually comes to accept the need to do things her way rather than simply make herself do everything Granny did. She is considered not least of all by herself to be the best witch on the Discworld and is refered to by the Pictsies as the 'Hag O' Hags'. She is the resident witch of Bad Ass , but she tends to regard the whole kingdom, and indeed absolutely anywhere else she happens to be, as her rightful domain, not unlike Adora Belle Dearheart in that respect.

Her cottage is probably the most traditional of all the witches' cottages in Lancre, complete with archaic thatch, goats, and huge thickets of ' herbs ' which move even when there's no breeze. She has a special fondness for bees and keeps several hives in her garden. A problem, however, was that Granny saw every flight simply as a straight line from A to B and was unable to get alongside the idea that other users of the air might have any rights whatsoever; the flight migration patterns of an entire continent had been changed because of that simple fact.

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Granny Weatherwax

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Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1) Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1)
Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1) Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1)
Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1) Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1)
Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1) Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1)
Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1) Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1)
Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1) Esmeralda (Witch Mountain Series Book 1)

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