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Desmarres had left in charge, fully instructed, after the operation. The success was complete. Henry was blind no longer; but his eyes Were gradually brought to bear the light. The doctor entered, followed by Mr.

The Stones of Paris in History and Letters, Volume I (of 2) by Martin and Martin

Henry was agitated with great emotion. His father led him by the hand to the window just opened by the doctor. Henry screamed with joy ami closed his eyes. Then opening them again, with a raptured look lie embraced the whole horizon ar. Eleven years ago Charles 11 Mar tin and Martha Suencer were mar ried in this oily. Martin was left in Ohio, intending to remain until her husband should locale a farm ami send for her. W hen first prostrated the unfortunate man wrote for his wife, but the letter never reached her.

He wrote again, but received no response, an I when able to travel started fordiio again with a much lighter purse. To Chester Martin proceed edat once, and was there informed that the aunt had occupied a lot m tho village cemetery for four months and that Mrs. Martin had gone to Cleveland. Th" anxious husband came to this city aud advertised and searched, but in vain. Heart, broken and discouraged. Martin again do parted westward He lost what little money he had remaining and roamed about for two years aimlessly.

Eiist Monday lie again appeared in this city in response to a letter sent him and was reunited to the wife from whom he had been separted for nearly ten years After thedeath of her relative. There she remained but a few weeks, and, taking what little wealth she inherited from her aunt, started for Kansas to seek he: - litis band.

She returned three months later, and has ever since made 'love land her home, supporting herself by sewing. She was informed of her husband's search for her here, but all efforts to discover a trace of him through letters to the West were fruitless, anil she calmly waited for events to occur without attempting to force results.

How to Mix Concrete by Hand

Her patience was rewarded, for early in the present mouth a letter was received at 'lies tor from the long absent Martin. Next week they start for Flor once. Colonel J McLeod Turner, who diet! He was wounded through the lungs, through the body, was shot through tile spllie. Both legs were paralyzed, one arm partially: his shoulder was dislocated and many of his bones were broken, and became diseased. From the day at Gettysburg he was'a mere wreck. His continued existence seemed a miracle. Italeigh N. Si i Mr thirty live iron mine claims have been taken oil the Skagit up to tin- present time Several tests of the ore have already been made and have been found satisfactory.

Claimants are diligently at work securing their rights under the law, ami no doubt ere another year rolls around smelt ing works will be in operation there, which together with the coal veins HOW being prospected and developed will bring the Skagit country into considerable prominence as the great iron and coal region of Fuget Sound — Puget Sound Mail. Very" j few cultivate the soil.

The Alex icaus spend freely what little they have: they seldom accumulate much Worldly goods; and they cannot keep anything, not even ilie Sabbath day. The Mexicans are remarkable for their politene. The Doctor noticed a tine pair of spins, and expressed his admiration of tlll'lii.

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The Doctor thanked him in the unist extravagant tonus that a mix t ure id Spanish and English would allow, and put the spurs in bis pocket. We said "Adois. The hospitable and generous old ratli'hero bowed lis to the door, assuring us that while he continued to inhabit this terrestial ball, he would pray that the choicest blessings of Heaven might follow us. These dens consist of one room about twelve, feet square The walls are made of upright posts, the interstices being tilled with iniid.

There is no at tempt at ornamentation. The mud lsjust plastered on, the capacious hand of the Mexican serving as a trowel. The roof is made of cane, thatched withtule a kind of rush The more pretentions edifices have till roofs, constructed out of old oys tor cans. This kind of roof is water tight when it does not rain and makes an excellent, breeding place for scorpions and centipedes.

Another advantage of the thatched roof is that it takes lire readily, aud thus, byobliging the owner to build another roof, stimulates him to habits of in dustry. There is a doorless opening in the side of the jacal, used for the entrance and exit of the inhabitants. There is another opening that serves in lieu of a window, and is used as J a private entrance by the goats and dogs Tin- tt un is of mm!

There being only one room in a jaCiil, it is inueli more convenient than the arrangement of Bucking ham palace, because in the jaeal you are not compelled to leave the din ing room and go away oil by yourself to another room when you want to put on a clean shirt. The grounds around the jaeal are.

Castilian Days, by John Hay

The census of Mexicans, of all ages and sexes, who live, move and con sumo beans in one of these habita tiolis, has never been taken, but the number of male Mexicans old enough to vote, that can be enticed out of them with a bottleof wlesky on elec tion day. Leaven bread of any kind is not used by the Mexicans. They have a substitute for the indigestible boarding house biscuit of the Anier icau; they call it tortilla. When warm, the tortilla can be eaten with out lotting out the contract to a dep uty. When the Mexican cannot get fresh beef, he lives oil dried beef but he usually has the fresh article when there is any in the country.

He tirst hunts up a "beef" any beef will do, provided he does not own it himself.

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  5. The animal is executed, and the flesh, having been cut up into strips and slabs, is salted and hung out on the fence like a week's washing. When the beef has been thoroughly cured, it becomes so tough that it is a tit accompaniment to a tortilla. The Mexican laughs and grows fat over another dish, which may be called Mexican hash. This mixture is seasoned with pepper, it is. I that there is a connecting link between 'lie plump, fat peloll dogs that swarm about every jaeal. Mexican- of all ages, i-exes, and previous conditions are eijiially fond of both There is a wild legend among the older inhabit ants of Sun Antonio, that tells how one of their number, who was tin en thusiast on the subject of tamalesclaiming for that article of food mod ical properties—one day discovered in one of those herbs a tuft of hair that had evidently adorned the head of the l'elon or Barbary dog.

    This discovery established the fact that tain ales really to have medicinal ipial itie- somewhat in the nature of an emetic and it effected a perfect, cure; the enthusiast's craving for tamules xvas gone forever. I lie mode of preparing the tamale is peculiar. A jiamtlnl of hash is wrapped up in a corn shuck and boiled in lard or grease.

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    Tho corn shuck is not eaten with the tamale, although nothing can be brought up against the shuck, except that it is found ii; had company, associating with the other ingredients. Ihe bean called frijolrs is the n:i tioinii berry of the Mexicans. Do not pronounce it "freejowls. There is one thing about the bean that the Alexi can dislikes very milch.

    Nothing inure was thought about the trouble by the Senator until, two years later, he met Koscwatcr in Washington again. Koscwatcr " -aid the Senator; "1 suppose your millennium is come. Now 1 am going him attain and ascertain why he has not kept his promise" Suiting his action to his words, Uosewater braced up to start to the White House. It cost me two shil lines; a box of them is worth! Hayes will take a scratch book from the same pigeonhole, write the same notes over again, and never remember that you ever before made cnmplaint to him This is tak ing the chance on the pigeonhole, but I will make the bet.

    Frederick Douglass, My Bondage and My Freedom, 1855

    Two hours later he entered the Senator's room with a box of ci gars under his arm "Well? October bth. Accord ing to the statistics of the business iu the free delivery cities for the year ending June! In Sacramento there were delivered , ordinary letters. There were collected 2N5. Bio Syc. King of Lodi got live seeds and planted them May 10th. Of these three grew. The lirst squash came July 25th. The three vines have nine squashes, weighing 1.

    A tenth squash unfortunately rotted. The whole family is now on exhibition by Mr. King and is an interesting illustration of what good seed will do [Napa Register "What beats a good wife? I ill lib.

    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park
    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park
    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park
    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park
    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park
    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park
    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park
    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park
    GOOD GRIEF!  From The Curbstone At Fountain Park GOOD GRIEF! From The Curbstone At Fountain Park

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