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She was well tanned had a nice ass and her tits were a perky. She said he had taken their kids to a birthday party. I told her that I was going to leave and gave her the games cosole back. As I was leaving She came up behind me and grabed my crouch. I grabed her and kissed passionately. She grabbed my crouch again and I began to grow hard. She led me into their bedroom and began to disrobe herself and then me.

As soon as we were both naked I grabbed her and pushed her to the bed kissing her all over and then licking her cunt and nibbling her clit. Within minutes she was orgasaming, gushing all over my mouth. I rolled over she then began to suck me off.

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I swear she could suck a golf ball though a straw. I shot my load just as she deep throated me. We lie there cuddling and petting until I began to get hard again. She said she wanted me to fuck her. This story happens to me four months ago.

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My best friend Aaron and his wife Jasmine had been together since they met in high school. Aaron is a short but humorous guy and Jasmine has this cute ass that anyone would like to fuck.

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We are good friend since high school and I was even the best man at the wedding. They were happily married until nine months ago.

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When Aaron started to cheat on her with a girl name Gail. Every time Aaron is out with Gail, he would tell Jasmine that he is over at my place.

At first, Jasmine never even suspects a thing, until 4 months ago. Jasmine found out about them and that is when all these began.

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And just like the old times, if Jasmine calls, I will tell her he is in the bathroom and will call her back later. However, this day was not like the old times. Jasmine came to my house and knocked on my door.

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When I open up, I was speechless. And before I could say a word, Jasmine stormed in and checked my whole place. She came back out with tears in her eyes. Then all of a sudden, she turns around and walked straight towards me. I thought she was gonna bitch slap me but out of my expectation she kissed me. She then took out her clothes off and my god dose she has a great body. She jumps on me and started kissing me while she unzips my pants. She then put her hands on my balls and start playing around with it.

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This totally turned me on and gave me a hard on right away. At first, she had problem handling my whole piece of meat, but after a while she got more comfortable with it. While she was sucking my cock, I started to play with her wet pussy , after a while I started to put 2 fingers in it. Put your huge cock in my cunt.

She then jumps on my cock right away and start riding it like a cowgirl on a wild horse. You have gone farther in me than anyone have.

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  5. All of a sudden I stopped pumping her cunt and she was wondering why the hell did I shop.

    My Friends Wife - Erotic story My Friends Wife - Erotic story
    My Friends Wife - Erotic story My Friends Wife - Erotic story
    My Friends Wife - Erotic story My Friends Wife - Erotic story
    My Friends Wife - Erotic story My Friends Wife - Erotic story
    My Friends Wife - Erotic story My Friends Wife - Erotic story
    My Friends Wife - Erotic story My Friends Wife - Erotic story

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