The Colors of Myself

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The Color Test

Pirnot has worked with children and families in various capacities for the past fifty years. While in private practice in Iowa, she worked extensively with children and adults in the juvenile … [Read More This book was just listed this week and is already making waves. It graphically details the life of a professional woman who was thrust into the life of a caregiver when her husband uttered the … [Read More Pirnot is available for speaking engagements and book signings.

I wear a lot of black - but love purple, pink, grey,and green too - so what does that say about me?

Mine are Red, Blue, and Purple, and as I was reading, I realized that every single one of them was true. Except I have a little trouble keeping things clean, even when I want to. I'm surprised by how accurate this is. I also read Green because that's my mother's favorite color, and that was accurate as well.

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  • The Colors of Myself;

I'm pleased with the results. I need colors, period. I love colors - ALL colors! The more colors the merrier I am! I really think this color typing of people is nonsense. Where is the science behind it? Unfortunately I have to disagree with black color. Despite being a career woman in her late 30s and holds a Ph.

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D degree, she acts very random, doesn't pay attention to details and her surroundings, hates scheduling, and doesn't have sense of management at all. So I'm curious whether ethnic and cultural backgrounds have huge impact in color selection? For me, my favorite color is orange, so I would expect to see it in this list.

I don't see it anywhere in the list, so am I supposed to think that no one else has orange as a favorite color? I know that is not true, but I just wanted to put that out there for you and everyone else who looked on your color related website. Where is orange? I love orange and find it a bright fun and lively color. It is not fair to judge people without giving them a chance to simply ask for the color of their choice. I do not write with my favorite color as these test subjects were. I, as well, want to know about the affects, etc. Orange was Frank Sinatras favorite color, and I always wondered why too, Orange would be 1 for anyone when I would choose it next to last, and black would be last.

But, I sent Frank Sinatra one of my Dreamcatchers, in Orange, all pretty, with flowing ribbons and stuff, a Crystal Bead with it, I always wondered if he liked it, I never heard back from him, but, at least bit didn't get sent back. Lets hear about the Color Orange.

Anxious to hear what you have to say on this!

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My favorite colors are: Peach Light Orange? Your answer will have much value to me. Thank you. The description of color blue? That's me. I also tried that to an Italian friend I'm a Filipino. And her reaction was positive. Her favorite colors describe her personality correctly. Most basic boxes of eight crayons, markers, it pencils don't actually include white. That's reserved for the twelve pack. Instead they include orange. Also, how do you even have a white marker? What does white say? And no description on this feeling I get when I see "too much" yellow, my basic concern here.

Why that feeling, when there's too much of something? I'm a yellow and "nailONthahead" ma'am says I'm her ray of sunshine happy and bouncy since two years old doubtless won't change. Red, Green and Blue are the only frequencies detectable by the cones of the retina of our eye. That's why all else equal black clothing is the hottest. The rest of this article reminds me of astrology, or even Meyers-Briggs.

Help Me Dress Myself: How to Choose Colors That Go Together

They can make themselves true by self-fulfilling prophecy and confirmation bias, but there is little evidence psychometric value. These tools are still fun and useful, though.

Hearts & Colors - Lying To Myself

When I was 5, I took a drawing class at my kindergarten. My teacher asked us to draw a rooster and paint it with colors.

The Color Psychology of Purple

I tried my best. I painted the sky with blue, the grass with green, and the rooster with my favorite colors.

I handed my drawing to the teacher thinking I was going to get a good grade. But no, I received the lowest grade in the class.

True Colors Quotes

From then, I kept receiving bad grades on the drawing class. The teacher wanted us to use bright colors and I kept using dull and depressing colors. I was convinced that I had a bad taste in colors and I was disappointed at myself. The color blindness is typically inherited. Also, there is no cure for color blindness. This means that I will have to adapt.

For example, I suffer from Deuteranomaly, and it is hard for me to tell violet from blue or yellow from light green; others who suffer from Protanomaly may see red, orange, yellow appear greener. Being color blind taught me why empathy is the biggest asset of a UX designer. A class assignment was about design for people with color blindness. Because I am color blind, I saw the assignment differently. I saw the pain points and challenges that are beyond just a problem to solve. Shortly after the class, I was trying to use empathy as a skill in my other projects.

The Colors of Myself The Colors of Myself
The Colors of Myself The Colors of Myself
The Colors of Myself The Colors of Myself
The Colors of Myself The Colors of Myself
The Colors of Myself The Colors of Myself
The Colors of Myself The Colors of Myself
The Colors of Myself The Colors of Myself
The Colors of Myself The Colors of Myself
The Colors of Myself

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