The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island

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Another curiosity: Coloane, although identified almost since the arrival of the Portuguese in Macau, was only colonised in The archaeological findings attest to what was found on the island of Hong Kong or even on other islands in the Pearl River Estuary, with fishermen the oldest and most structural occupants of the island.

Coloane fishermen had unwanted competition from smugglers and, above all, pirates.

As Portugal had not colonised the island, removing the pirates from there was not a priority, although their occupation brought responsibilities and consequences: Portugal fortified, to a minimum, the site and deployed troops to evict the pirates. After several efforts, it was only in July that this goal was achieved, in what would have been the last battle fought by Portuguese troops in Macau it took more than men from the army, navy and police, backed by artillery and heavy weaponry.

For many years, July 13 was a holiday in Coloane, celebrating the victory over the pirates, with a statue in front of the Church of St.

Be warned though - there may be pirates ahead!

Francis Xavier in Largo Eduardo Marques commemorating the event. From that time there are no more records that pirates used Coloane to shelter, but in there was an attack, repelled by Portuguese forces, with the help of naval means. In fact, fighting pirates was not the only reason to militarise the island of Coloane.

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It is worth noting that in there were still records of the tense relationship between the Guangdong Government and Macau: Guangdong wanted property owners in Coloane not to be forced to pay taxes to the local government but Portugal reaffirmed its sovereignty. Tatsu Maru. February 5, A Chinese imperial court warship attacked a Japanese merchant ship — the Tatsu or Datsu in the Chinese version Maru — carrying contraband weapons to the Chinese revolutionaries.

It turns out that the Tatsu Maru was based in Coloane, provoking the representatives of the Emperor that they were in Chinese territorial waters. The protests of the Japanese Government joined the violent reactions of Portugal. So violent, in fact, that it caused the Guangdong authorities to return the freighter: the cargo was eventually bought by China, with public apologies made by the Guangdong Government.

Published on After centuries of a quaint existence as a Chinese fishing village, things started to get more exciting for Hong Kong as it became a haven for pirates in the late 18th to early 19th century.

Real pirate cave - Cheung Chau Island

But at the end of the first opium war in , the British took control of Hong Kong and it developed into an internationally important port city. And it has retained this status ever since China regained sovereignty over the Pearl of the Orient on July 1, In fact, much of the wealth and goods that pass between Asia and the West flow through this international financial center. But not with Hong Kong Island.

In fact, the entire Pearl River Delta megalopolis, which Hong Kong is located in, has been striving to reach true potential through better connectivity between the cities of Hong Kong, Macau, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Foshan, and more. And the investment in infrastructure is paying off: If the Pearl River Delta was a country, it would be a member of the G In such an economically powerful region, it only makes sense to put investment capital into projects that improve the flow of people and goods to, from, and within the region.

Explore the hidden side of Hong Kong’s amazing island life

Within Hong Kong Island, the city invested billions into the South Island Line to cut travel times from the north to south of the island from over one hour down to 15 minutes. The , m2 facility has helped to ensure that more tourists spend their time and money in Hong Kong since it was opened in Major road projects are also underway. Without overstatement, we can safely say that the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is one of the most significant engineering achievements of all time.

Tarzan's Treehouse:

The project comprises of a kilometer bridge and tunnel system that includes 3 cable-stayed bridges, an undersea tunnel, and several artificial islands. You'll learn the story of these Hakka Chinese families, see what they're up to now, and visit a tiny seaside temple that's older than Hong Kong itself! The narrows of Victoria Harbour played a big role in Hong Kong's military and pre-colonial history.

We'll cross where pirates once did!

HK Disneyland Pirateland

Fear not, we've found one that tastes terrific! Don't forget your camera, this is one of the best shooting locations in the city. And at last, we did. Tiny Peng Chau is only a third of a square mile, but it feels much larger because it is packed with history, beauty, wild natural scenery and one of the coolest little small towns in Hong Kong. Oh—and did we mention the food? Step off the boat, onto our magic island.


The jaunt begins in Central where we catch a regularly scheduled ferry to the island—only 25 minutes. Did we mention that the Peng Chau ferry is one of the last in Hong Kong to enjoy an open deck on all boats? You got it. In its heyday, Peng Chau made most of the matches in Southeast Asia!

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  8. There are traces of all these pieces of history on the island, plus 5 gorgeous small Chinese temples, and a long seaside promenade for strolling a rare thing in Hong Kong! This is just how we like it! At Little Adventures we avoid so-called attractions in favor of places where you can feel, and often touch daily life. Getting there is half the fun.

    The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island
    The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island
    The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island
    The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island
    The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island
    The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island
    The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island The Mystery of Hong Kongs Pirate Island

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